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A Sincere "Thank You" for the 8 Years of President Barack Hussein Obama

This is a superb essay about the indelible societal, economic, and political lessons left by President Obama. It's authored by my journalist and anchor friend, Shad Olson. A VERY worthy read; please do so carefully... and absorb.

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I want to state unequivocally and for the record something that will likely boil ears on both sides unless and until it is fully understood. Read and listen carefully.

I am and have been for some time, increasingly thankful, nay, indeed grateful, for the life and service and clear etymology of one Barack Hussein Obama.

I state here and now and in the company of witnesses that I am glad he was elected.

I am even more ecstatic that he won two terms, for several reasons, not the least of which is that he saved us from a false victory by the equally wrong and soporific Mitt Romney and for the accompanying stupidity of many that would have been convinced that a Romney Presidency would have 'delivered' us from Obama and the globalist agenda.

During eight years of Obama I have seen a wave of vigilance, awakening, education, solidarity and cohesive, life giving resuscitation among grassroots Americans that I have never seen in my lifetime.

There are only scant examples of such a wave of awakening in our national history. Listen plainly.

The advent of social media and the internet has allowed an Obama Presidency to serve as the clarion call and wake-up alarm for people across this nation, energizing patriotic Americans to identify and address an existential threat to our Republic.

It has been, and I believe will go down in history, as a Great Conjunction moment when men and women of good conscience but sometimes sleepy eyes and slow feet, finally answered the bell.

Certainly, WE have dickered and bickered on solutions and candidates, undeniably. But the depth of passion, the invested attention, the return to scholarship and acknowledgment of information as the warrior's only tool in pushing back against the conspiracy against our nation have been a sight for sore eyes. That work must continue and grow.

• Obama broke and is breaking laws.

• Obama contravened the Constitution.

• Obama shook his fist at the checks and balances of our founding.

• Obama abused and expanded the powers of his office.

• Obama and company showed complete disregard and abject hatred for the very moorings of our Republican ideal.

• Obama advanced an agenda both at home and abroad so antithetical to common sense and natural law that even some of the sleepiest of the sleepers were jolted awake.

He single-handedly turned a generation of conspiracy theorists into prophets, priests, martyrs and wise elders who long foretold the New World Order agenda that so plainly materialized before our eyes.

It's much easier to convince people that government wants to run their lives, take their guns, control their thermostats, drive their cars and determine their lifespan with death panels when the people with the power to do those things actually make an run at it.

Credibility for years.

As a result and as many a gun shop plaque can attest, Barack Obama sold what can only be called a shit-ton of guns, small arms and bullets in the process, Praise be to God and pass the ammunition. Greatest gun salesman in history.

Is there any doubt among us that a Trump cabinet, Trump Presidency, Trump Supreme Court and Trump foreign policy will and already are proving eons afield from a John McCain or Mitt Romney neocon disaster?

I've long said, as have many of us, that neoconservatives and establishment Republicans are MORE dangerous than Democratic Socialists....because they do exactly the same damage to the nation, but with the added destruction of friendly camouflage and the cooption and misdirection of truly patriotic messaging and symbolism.

They are better liars than Hillary.

God save us from wolves who smell like sheep, I brayed. And He has.

So, I repeat to you, yet again....I am and will remain forever thankful for and indebted to the 44th President of these United States, Barack Hussein Obama.

A visibly shrinking man who leaves office very soon amid the tumbling ashes of the now blazing ruin of the globalist agenda, the Brexit vote, the crumbling European Union, more Democratic losses on state level than any Democrat President in history, more gun and ammunition sales than any eight years ever seen, and most importantly of all, with a more passionately engaged group of steely-eyed information seeking patriots than ever before.

The admitted worst nightmare the globalist architects could ever have foreseen.

Only Nixon could have gone to China. Only Obama could have caused an awakening large enough to unmask globalism and disembowel the neoconservative mainstream GOP at the same time.

All love to Great Leader, Obama.

If he is spared prison for his part in Hillary's soon to be daily revelation and prosecution for malfeasance and highly criminal bloodletting, I firmly suspect that we'll very likely be dealing with United Nations Secretary General Barack Obama, very soon.

And Presidential candidate, Michelle Obama in 2020.

Only now, we will face both as a nation that elected him, found him for exactly what he is and spat him out in favor of a return to Republican principle and nationalist self interest. And we will meet them both with eyes opened, stalwart, shoulders squared and compass true. Not hoping for change, but wide awake to what that change really meant.

Wiser. More wily.

Stronger than we've been in decades, for having come through his very best efforts and covertly charted course to run our good ship of state into the final rock of Barack.

Eyes wide open. Nerves tested. Resolve firm and resolute. And for all of that. For all of it and even more for what's to come, I say it again. Thanks be to Obama.