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Dear Democrats, Millennial Snowflakes, and Anyone Whining

November 8th dawned bright for you...

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by Bobby Calhoun

Tipp City, OH


Dear Democrats, Millennial Snowflakes, and anyone Whining:

November 8th dawned bright for you. You woke up, confident that social justice would prevail and that the first woman president of the United States was going to be announced later that evening. Fueled by misinformation and fake polls from the likes of Huffington Post and CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC , etc., the thought that Hillary Clinton might be defeated never even crossed your minds.

You went to the polls, some for the very first time, and cast your votes for someone sheerly based on her possession of a vagina.

Because you’ve always received a sticker just for turning in your homework, because you scorn those who think differently as uneducated hicks, and because you don’t understand the word “no,” the shock was palpable when the Electoral Map began to turn red.

There were tears, hugs, and whispered words of support as you watched in horror...

Yes, kids, Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States in the same process by which presidents have been elected since the dawning of America.

Social media was filled with tearful videos, whispered pleas, and typed messages of utter terror.

Give me a freakin’ break, Snowflakes.

Where were you when Hillary Clinton and the DNC stole the primary by colluding against Bernie Sanders? Seriously, that would have been the time to protest. 

When you were screwed by your own party... you didn’t set things on fire and burn effigies of Hillary Clinton, who is one of the most corrupt politicians ever to run for office.

If you didn’t protest that debacle, it’s pretty hypocritical to protest now.

Please take this advice. You need to go home... now.

Everyone knows you’re mad, but while expressing your outrage, you’ve made a terrible mess of this transition of power.

You have cleared the path for violent, paid protesters to destroy entire neighborhoods. You are seeking to cause havoc because you didn’t get your way, and your havoc has been matched and exceeded. 

Now, family homes, monuments, and small businesses all over the country are being defaced and destroyed.

Is this really what you want?

Do you honestly want to kill people who voted for Trump? 

Do you want to overthrow the government and only allow one school of opinion to exist in America, but only if it’s yours? 

Do you want to live in an America that is like North Korea, where reality is nothing more than a creation of the propaganda machine and differing points of view are stamped out with a jackboot?

Come one, now. You have to see how ridiculous this is.

You are now hopelessly out-of-your-depth.

Grow up. We don’t always get our way. This is reality and sometimes we don’t like it.

Here’s what you should be angry about, Snowflakes: You should be angry about the fact that you have not been adequately prepared for life.

You should be angry about the fact that you are now paralyzed with “fear”... because society has made you this way.

You should be angry about the fact that no one has ever taught you coping mechanisms.

Life is not fair. We don’t always get a sticker. Sometimes, we actually lose a game.

Losing an election is not a threat to your existence – it is how life goes for a percentage of America every four years.

The fact that there are no consequences for your current bad behavior is not helping you. It’s perpetuating your unhealthy cycle of poor coping mechanisms. It’s providing positive reinforcement.

Across America, you, the defeated liberals, so-called social justice warriors, and irate students are pouring into the streets to vent their rage.

It’s time for some tough love. Pay attention, little millennial Snowflakes, because this important!

In a world full of political correctness, safe spaces, participation trophies, and social justice, a whole bunch of you just got a big, painful dose of reality.

All of those kids who have expensive college degrees that didn’t train them to do anything productive just discovered that the world could, and will, say “no” to them.

What society should be learning now is why it’s important that children don’t get trophies just for showing up and why a good parent makes certain that there are consequences for their children’s actions.

What society is actually doing is coddling of a bunch of Marxist-educated brats in a way that will only perpetuate this type of behavior in the future.

America has effectively shut down to give these heartbroken kids time to either recover or take their angst to the street. They’re angry. They’re crying... and they feel unsafe. There’s a great amount of solidarity.

What the hell, America?

This is the reality you’ve created with your righteous indignation. You've turned neighborhoods into scenes out of Mad Max.

Whether you personally destroyed property or not, you opened the door for this. You people need to be sent to your rooms and not coddled nor given a cookie until you can behave yourselves. Go home, so the adults can clean up your mess.

And think about what you’ve done.