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The Mainstream Media Wages All-Out War on the Alternative Media

Outright Censorship and Tyrannical Shutdowns Are the Primary Mainstream Media Strategies Being Implemented to Terminate the Alt-Media...

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The Mainstream Media Wages All-Out War on the Alternative Media

Thursday, November 24, 2016 9:37


Outright Censorship and Tyrannical Shutdowns Are the Primary Mainstream Media Strategies

Being Implemented to Terminate the Alt-Media

Make no mistake about it, since the election of Donald Trump, the Mainstream Media ,(MSM) has gone ballistic.

In fact the MSM has taken a more aggressive initiatives to shut down free speech than has been witnessed over the course of Obama’s disastrous two terms.

MAINSTREAM MEDIA: The True Enemy Of The People

Not only has the MSM been transparent in their detestation of all things Trump, they are especially determined to shut down the many alternative news websites that have impartially reported the election news and post-election transition events.

This Is Why TPTB Are So Afraid Of BREITBART’s Stephen Bannon

In some quarters, the MSM has gone full-blown Bolshevik in its attempts to completely squash the Alt-Media (AM).  Wherever Alt-Media rears its head to expose the ugly truth and relate the facts about anything of import to the future of the USA, the MSM has gone into full attack mode.

BOLSHEVIK TACTICS: Politico Editor Advocates Violence Against Alt-Right Media

FAKE News = MSM Reporting

The Mainstream Media has always been about reporting news that was totally fabricated by the establishment.  Fake news is all they know how to do.  

TPTB know that a well-informed body politic would have them all arrested all in a New York minute and imprisoned while awaiting a jury trial.  

TPTB also know that so many crimes against humanity, genocide, war crimes, high treason, etc. would only bring one type of sentence—capital punishment.

It ought to be fully understood that the ruling elites have controlled the MSM practically forever. And, that it works full-time to protect the interests of their overlords.  

Given this state of affairs, TPTB will naturally work together to snuff out any challenge to the longstanding supremacy of MSM news coverage.  

Not to do so would put the entire Global Control Matrix in great jeopardy. 

This is why the whole world is witnessing such a fierce reaction from the corporate media giants like Google and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to the burgeoning Fifth Estate.

Social network utilities are extremely powerful traffic generators.  They can be utilized to bring down a government or bankrupt a corporation in a day and a night.  

Consequently, the MSM has been given strict orders by their NWO masters to completely reign in the Alt-Media before it captures too much of the media marketplace.  After all, the dictators who administer the Government-Corporate Complex know that once a certain audience threshold is exceeded by the Alt-Media, their dictatorship will soon break down.

The Government-Corporate Complex Takes Complete Control Of The USA

It’s important to note that those who have enjoyed virtually absolute power always employ the very same MO.  What they themselves are guilty of — compulsively disseminating fake news — they blame on the truth writers and speakers of Alt-Media.  

The entire MSM process and procedure was designed to conjure up bogus news in service of the elites. 

This is how the NWO cabal executes the Hegelian Dialectic across the planet.  

The ever-present “divide and conquer” strategy is only possible with a worldwide press that is compliant and without conscience.

The MSM corporate superstructure, with all of it many interlocking directorships, guarantees that no one ever leaves the reservation. 

The infrastructure has also been engineered so that maximum control of media news is exerted 24/7 across the entire planetary realm. After all, whoever controls the media really does control the world. (Whoever Controls The Media Controls The World)  Which is why the MSM has been ordered to manufacture so much fake news over the course of its existence.

This historical reality is precisely why the MSM is now compelled to generate even more fake news.  

They have told and written so many obvious falsehoods over so many decades, that the lies are now impossible to cover up.  Hence, their only way out it to label all the real reporting by the Alt-Media as ‘fake news’.  

The MSM has determined that they have no choice but to kill the messenger.

The ever-prevaricating MSM is now forced to artificially support so many lies that it is working triple time to keep up with the Alt-Media truth-telling.  

With their ever-spewing propaganda, the MSM is able to keep whole nations in check as well as corporations in subservience; without it, the NWO ruling cabal is but a paper tiger. 

This is why it is absolutely imperative for the MSM to wage war against the Alt-Media. 

Both the leadership of the World Shadow Government and the overarching Global Control Matrix are facing nothing short of existential threats.

The wild and crazy events of the 2016 presidential election cycle were but a foretaste of things to come. 

The campaign season saw many things happen which have never occurred in American political life.  It wasn’t just the highly unorthodox campaign style of Donald Trump, it was also the powerful emergence of the 5th Estate.  

The election outcome was quite significantly influenced by the Fifth Estate–a first time in U.S. election history.

Something quite “HUGE” just happened!

Because of this intensifying tectonic shift is news creation and dissemination, the prevailing institutional arrangements are likewise transforming.  

The 4th Estate is slowly going bankrupt as financial the takeovers of both The New York Times by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim and The Washington Post by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos clearly reflect.  

As their advertising revenues crater and subscriptions collapse, the very flagships of the MSM are close to sinking.  When these once respected “newspapers of record” have been finally torpedoed by Alt-Media truth, the MSM will be finished.

The ascendancy of BREITBART’s Stephen Bannon within the new Trump Administration is a perfect example of the pitched battles being fought between the MSM and AM.  

Mr. Bannon represents the single biggest threat to the MSM monopoly on political news ever. 

His key West Wing position also signals a new shift in the locus power within the Beltway. 

Truly, the MSM has never been so frightened by a presidential appointment as chief counselor Stephen Bannon.

This Is Why TPTB Are So Afraid Of BREITBART’s Stephen Bannon

Now that this “War of the Titans’” has broken out into the open, the world community of nations can expect to see a global fireworks display to end them all.  Yes, it’s going to be that dramatic and exciting.  

Both sides of the this biblical conflict are well aware that there will only be one winner, just as there will be a final loser.  

With so much to gain and/or lose for every resident of the planet,  it’s no wonder this “war to tend all wars” is fast shaping up to “The Greatest Show On Earth”


There are many ways to view the upcoming battles between truth and falsehood.  

For those who are uninitiated in this realm of ferocious conflict, it is high recommended that they read the following essay.  For the war that is surely coming to a neighborhood near you is as inevitable as it is paradigm-shattering.

Why does falsehood always predominate at the end of the eras?

As for the prospects of the most likely winner, it ought to be understood that the outcome is practically foreordained.  

The World Wide Web was cast like a net around the globe in such a way that TPTB got caught up in their own self-deception.  

Hubris and arrogance have a way of blinding even the richest and most powerful to their unavoidable fates.  

The Internet alone has seen to it that each and every one of the true perps of this multi-millennial crime spree has been revealed.  

And still the most damning evidence has yet to be downloaded into the public domain.

This is where the Alt-Media comes in.  Each alternative news platform will be called upon to disclose a different part of the unfolding conspiracy.  

In this way, the whole crime scene will eventually be exposed for all to see.  

Once the sunlight of truth has sufficiently shined into the darkness of falsehood, a planetary transformation will quickly result.  

After all, it truly is BIG MOTHER who is watching Big Brother.